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USFooty Women's Division: Preview

The USAFL Women’s Division has grown leaps and bounds from its inception, doubling the amount of teams that existed just 5 short years ago. The Nationals 2009 Women’s Divvy will be comprised of 2 pools with 4 teams in each:

Pool A: 1) Calgary Blue, 2) Arizona, 3) New York, 4) Eastern Canada/Sacramento

Pool B: 1) Milwaukee, 2) Atlanta, 3) Denver, 4) Calgary White

The weekend is sure to be full of close games with squads that remain very unique in their skill sets and abilities. The Ladies will be battling for the title on Boomerang Field. Don’t miss all the action in what proves to be the most successful Nationals for women in the US. Get to know the women of the USAFL. After all, who doesn’t like girl on girl tackling?

Arizona Lady Hawks

This year has been one of transition for the Hawks, with players departing and veterans returning. But the Lady Hawks are geared up to unite players, new and old, and take the 2009 Nationals Championship trophy. The speed and skill of USA Freedom player Courtney Church, the ferocity of USA Freedom player Karla Mascarenas, and the boot of seasoned vet Geri Jellison will be tough to match. Expect to see strength, skill and experience. But will this be enough for the Lady Hawks to pull their team together and rise from the ashes?

Atlanta Lady Kookaburras

After years of dominance, the 2008 Nationals slapped Lady Kookaburras with their first heartbreaking loss. Led by USA Freedom players Nikki Peoples and Judith Stein, the Kookaburras will no doubt keep the footy moving up the oval with accurate kicks and quick play-ons. In a year full of second places, the Kookaburras are looking for revenge, but will Mason, Ohio be the home of Atlanta's comeback?

Calgary Kookaburras

After winning the 2008 US Nationals, Calgary is looking for a repeat. With a team in each pool, the Kookaburras (not to be confused with Atlanta) are set to be victorious. Could it possibly be a Canadian Grand Final for the women? It will be if Coach Jake Anson has anything to say about it. Despite the frigid Canadian winters, Calgary has had an intense training schedule and extensive metro season. Their sheer amount of game time will definitely be a factor. Will Calgary prove once again that Canadians’ athletic ability reaches far beyond hockey with another Nationals title?

Eastern Canada/Sacramento Blue Angels

A fusion team always sends chills down their opponents’ spines. No one knows what to expect and won’t until the first game has been played. A team combining new players from Montreal, Toronto and Sacramento, the Blue Angels are looking to make waves. Is sheer determination enough to overcome experience?

Denver Lady Bulldogs

Like anyone who comes out of Denver, the Lady Bulldogs love their footy. Following in the footsteps of their men’s team will be quite a feat, but one that USA Freedom players Anna Thexton and Kelli Modica are more than willing to lead. Footy became contagious in the great state of Colorado, and the Bulldogs’ numbers show it. With tons of fresh legs for the field, Denver is hungry to make a statement. Will their bark be worse than their bite or will they create a new dynasty in the Rockies?

Milwaukee Lady Bombers

Led by veterans and USA Freedom players Denielle Beilfuss, Jenny Sarbacker, Kathryn Hogg, and Suzy Thomas, the Bombers are notorious for snagging BOG in just about every competition played. Watch for the speed of Sarbacker and Beilfuss in the middle as well as the defensive brilliance of Thomas. Milwaukee has conquered milestones this season, moving from the 3rd place team of a year ago into the #1 spot in the US by winning every tournament this season. With momentum in their favor, will the Bombers’ experience and skill be enough to take the Finals this year?

New York Lady Magpies

In a team that barely resembles the inaugural squad of 2008, the Lady Pies are looking to bring much of the same physicality as last year (Sans ACL injuries). For a team that scored a lone goal in the 2008 Nationals, Kim Hemenway and Jane Moore’s ability to boot it through the uprights will be key for the Magpies’ offensive charge. It will be hard to deny the skill, determination, and hard hitting of USA Freedom players Andrea Casillas and Monica Robbins as they roam the oval out for a win. We know the Pies pack a punch, but will these birds be able to put enough points on the board to fly into the Finals and return to the Big Apple victorious?