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2010 Freedom Academy

US Freedom National Team coach Wayne Kraska has announced the US Freedom Academy for 2010. The following players have announced their desire to play for the US Freedom in their match against the Canadian Northern Lights in Toronto on July 31.

The academy players will be hosting training camps/tryouts in conjunction with the tournaments in NY on May 15-16 and Denver on June 19-20. The squad that will represent the US against the Canadians will be selected after the Denver tournament.

Player Club
Andrea Casillas NY
Andrea Placencio AZ
Anna Thexton DEN
Becky Kraft MN
Carly Harrington ATL
Cathy Reinhardt ATL
Courtney Church AZ
Danica Weston AZ
Eileen Geoghegan BWE
Emily Riehl CHI
Erin Yiako AZ
Holly Wenrich FL
Helen Spink MIL
Jen Cravens DEN
Jenny Sarbacker MIL
Judith Stein BWE
Kathryn Hogg MN
Kim Hemeway NY
Lara Porter DEN
Marie LaVictoire MN
Missy Dykstra MN
Misty Jozwiak AZ
Monica Robbins NY
Nicole Fasula AZ
Nikki People ATL
Odette Smolicz NY
Rachel Sweeney NY
Susan Soesbe SAC
Tara Byers MN
Vanessa Kahn MN
Vanessa Ortiz AZ

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