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USA Freedom vs Canada

<p>On August 4 &amp; 5 the USA Freedom traveled to Vancouver, BC Canada to play the Canadian Eagles in the first women&#39;s international match of Australian Football.</p>

Avoiding a tackle

Tina avoids being tackled by disposing out of trouble.

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Hand passing

Judith handpassing

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After the Match

Celebrating after defeating Canada on Aug 5!

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USA Freedom

Front row: Dionne Jones, Denise Lafaver, Erin Welsh, Judith Stein, Nikki Peoples, Diana Pizzari, Cathy Reinhardt, Nicole Martiny, Stephanie Powell, Ali Van Horn

Back row: Wayne Kraska, Jenny Sarbacker, Suzy Thomas, Kathryn Hogg, Audra Woodward, Tina Arend, Dewi Mitchell, Michelle Buchicchio, Christina Murdoch, Gerri Jellison, Ellie Frey, David Pack

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