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2009 USAFL Nationals

2009 US Footy Nationals

3 days of fun and mayhem crammed into under 12 minutes. This video tries to capture the experience of the US Footy Nationals.The US Footy Nationals are held annually during early October. Each year the location is moved and generally is held in a good size regional town. In 2009 attendance was at an all time high with some 35 clubs consisting of more than 40 mens and 8 womens teams. The town of Mason, Ohio embraced the bunch of rowdy footballers and learned a lot about our crazy sport!

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The Drill: Q&A With local "footy" player Suzy Thomas

Oct 23, 2009 | Dave Kallmann | © Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

The women's division trophy from the U.S. Australian Rules Football national championship resides in Wisconsin. Earlier this month, the Milwaukee Lady Bombers won the eight-team tournament, beating the Calgary Blue team, 8.3 (51)-1.5 (11), in the championship game. Thomas, of West Allis, who won the Geoff Cann Medal for MVP of the final, tried to explain "footy" to the Journal Sentinel's Dave Kallmann, who was lost from the opening ruck.








Beck and Katie battle for the ball

Calgary's Beck Jones (Blue) and Milwaukee's Katie Raisenan fight for the ball in the 2009 USAFL Women's Championship match.